Monday, 24 March 2014

Stitch Scratch

Another week scratched in time

The day all things turn green

Pisces blowing 37 bubbles
That's how old my baby boy turns today!

Some of us met on Thursday
to plan a show

Eagles are soaring high above us
Wonder if they will nest around here

This was for our snowy weekend
Not very good
Sometimes things don't turn out as good as you visualize them!
Apologies for the quality of these photos
They were taken late at night
Way past my bedtime!


  1. A good week, from the sound of it - especially if you were still up past your bedtime!
    A belated Happy Birthday to your not-so-baby son.

  2. Pleased to see this look at your week ... the green, the fish, the big flakes of snow and the eagle ... a delight to read errr see and enjoy!

  3. The photos are wonderful. Love to see your week in stitches.


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