Monday, 17 March 2014

Hoping The Geese Know Something I Don't

A pale week indeed

Trying to bring some colour back

Days of doodles and pebbles

We went out in the rain
for a St. Patrick's celebration
with Handy Hubby's golfing pals.
Sunday was a day for the birds
the first geese came honking up the Basin
and the biggest hawk we've ever seen
swooped down somewhere in the woods.


  1. I hope your Spring is soon to be well and truly with you...

    ...and then you'll get some colour back again!

    x C

  2. Our Spring is a little halting, too. I hope it hurries up for you!

  3. I thought we were into Spring but we're back into Winter again today and tonight we're supposed to get ice rain - GRRRR! Meanwhile your stitching is as lovely as always.

  4. Spring seems to be taking one little half step forward and two and a half steps back. We're in for snow, freezing rain and rain tomorrow. I'm crying 'uncle'!!


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