Friday 7 March 2014

Bushes and Trees Full of Birds

It's a strange winter this year
Strange things are happening

I have never seen a pheasant in a rose bush before
But he was there
pecking away at the branches
Does he like the rosehips I wonder?

Lots of eagles swooped above the farmlands up the valley

Mostly juveniles
but some adults too.

Not only do I love the eagles
but I love Winter's lacy trees against
rare blue skies.


  1. We like rosehips - I wouldn't be surprised if the pheasants did too!

  2. I too love the lacy 'winter' trees. Since I feel so closed in during the summer, with green absolutely everywhere I enjoy the feeling of freedom and light (when the sun shines) that I get in the winter. So, there is some good to winter after all.

  3. I've never seen a pheasant off the ground... That's quite a photo! Lacy "winter" trees are one of the things that make winter's darkness bearable for me. Thanks for the reminder.


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