Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Shoreline Images

Scallop Boat in dry dock

Rusted and worn
Can you explain the fascination?

Scallop nets
They roll along the ocean's floor
Disturbing and probably destroying.

A cool moon

and a warm sun.


  1. It's the wealth of texture and colour that attracts, I think..

  2. Hmmm 'rusted and worn' -- isn't everyone attracted to that? I certainly am.

  3. may be the color the rust leaves.? i know i never gave it much thought until the last year or so...

    i can't imagine ever knitting on toothpicks...course i can't knit, but if i ever find a hooked pick, i will try it!!

    i also enjoyed the part where all the stick figures tried to figure out how to hang autistic granddaughter would probably write a whole story about that one line in your week.


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