Saturday, 27 April 2013

Dismayed Am I

The Rusty Pups and I arrived for our early morning walk
horrified to find a monster sitting atop the dyke.
It had been busy ripping out every tree, bush and blade of grass.

Black ugly mud is all that's left.
There used to be small ponds along here
and lately each pond housed a couple of black ducks.
Animals and critters would shelter in the undergrowth
as the RP's sniffed around.

I used to forage for leaves, flowers, twigs and berries
to fill my dye pots.
So sad.

But even in this ugliness I see stitch potential.

There is still some brush towards the end of our walk.
So let's talk about something happier.
You see the RP's looking back at me....
...but do you see Fox waiting for us along the path?
He stayed there until we were nearly upon him....
and then the chase was on.
You might remember that my camera is broken and I can't zoom in at all, at all.
A new, grander model has finally been chosen and ordered.
My third camera in a year!

This little fairy garden sitting atop a fence post had me scrambling down the dyke to investigate.
Wonder what tomorrow morning's walk will bring.


  1. I'm glad that Fox stayed around to give the RPs some fun!

  2. Fantastic photos Penny !!! And I can see when you say that you see stitch potential ... especially that fairy garden !!! wow !!!

  3. Oh, I'm crying along with you - what a horror when the ground is torn up. BUT, there is still beauty around you and I know you'll use it in your art and in your life.

  4. WTF are they doing there? It tears my heart out every time I see something like this.

  5. Oh that is so sad! I just wrote of only one tree going...but, oh so many and the ponds and the hiding places :(
    However, as you've said...the layers are beautiful.

  6. How incredibly sad - I've never understood why things like this have to happen. At least there was some beauty in your walk!

  7. Oh... that kind of drastic change on the land is so very devastating. Happy that there is still some brush, a bold fox and an incredible post-garden!!


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