Thursday, 31 January 2013

Walking under Purple Skies

Fascinating...the purple sky
behind a huge setting moon

As the sun's rays slowly came up in the East
the Western sky
changed from purple to pink.
With the grey clouds
it kind of looks a bit like a Fauve painting.

Beneath the moon's dance
these two do everything together

Sometimes one takes the lead

Back on the dike RP Shandy always initiates puppy games.
A lovely walk
 but boy it took me all morning to warm up again back in front of the fire!


  1. As I was reading this posting I wondered how you stayed warm - and then came to the last sentence to find out that you don't! Here's to hot tea, a warm fire and snuggling under a quilt!

  2. ooooh, those sky colors are sublime! I could imagine walking out there with you, trying to capture that light...that MOON. And what great companions to have along with you ~ those lucky ones with the fur coats ;>]]

  3. Lovely to see those two plumy tails waving busily in the distance - companionable even when they aren't right next to you!

  4. Hi Penny,

    The first two photos are really gorgeous. Such beauty surrounds you!

  5. Oh, and I must say, I love the photos of the Rusty Pups, too; especially the way their tails mimic the grass blowing in the wind. (Or is it the other way around?? :)


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