Thursday, 24 January 2013

Sticky Snow

We woke to snow falling
(so what else is new!)
Snow that clings to rusty gates

Snow that clings to frozen faces

Snow that even clings to the sides of things that stand still long enough.


  1. Hi, Penny - we continue to be rained upon here with the thermometer hugging just a few degrees above freezing. I enjoyed your sticky snow photos. -sus

  2. No snow here -- just rain interspersed with sunny cold days. I'm not complaining but love seeing your snow pics.

  3. Hi Penny, Love your pictures with the snow. Here in Ontario we've had a real cold snap and snow. I'm not a fan of winter, I can hardly wait for spring. Watched your slide show and your work is really beautiful. I love how you've found a style that shines through. I'm one of Jude Hill's students. Please visit my blog to see the jacket I'm working on.
    Stay warm,

  4. Yeh!! What is it with this sticky snow?!

    Blizzard conditions Tuesday night and the damned stuff stuck all over the window panes. Couldn't see a we went to look out of the front door.

    Stupid prats got faces full of it didn't we!! :-O

  5. I think I prefer sticky snow to the stuff that semi-melts and turns the ground slippy, without actually making the landscape prettier...

  6. I found your blog through a pin of your work on pinterest. Lovely words and work. Enjoy your stitching immensely. xox


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