Monday, 28 January 2013

It's Monday Again

That was the week that was

Just doodling around the green splodges.
No green to be seen here at all at all.

Starting to work out how to approach my next commitment
a huge 7 ft panel for a group show.
Must get cracking on that one
but need to make some decisions first.

Another day of doodles.

Perhaps cabin fever looks like this.
Feeling a bit confined and claustrophobic 
in a cold, cold winter.

Playing with blanket stitch 
was all that came to mind on a quiet Sunday
spent recovering from a late, late night.


  1. Ohhh 7 feet - quite a commitment!! I'd probably be 'commited' before I ever finished it! *smile* Lovely scratchings and the colors you used.

    1. Right now I'm wondering how to create what I want but quickly! With stitching that ain't so easy is it.

  2. A week for hibernating, perhaps? I like your representation of cabin fever!

    1. Oh, yes, this is my first year here feeling kind of cabin fevery!


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