Sunday, May 3, 2015

Eight Months Old

Ashley Rose is a whole eight months old today!
She is trying to walk but doesn't crawl
Perhaps she'll skip the crawl stage all together!
No matter how she does it...
...her world is broadening.

Every now and then the mail man drops a footprint in the mailbox.
This time Donna had turned it into a spring robin.

It has been a reindeer too...

...and a birthday candle holder
so creative!
I am already wondering when I might be allowed to put a
paintbrush in her hand!
I suppose a needle will have to wait a while.

And on this momentous day
I finally spied the return of the osprey.
So thrilled am I.
I thought they might have given up on this nesting site
but just before I took this photo they were both sitting there.
Not very neat housekeepers!
Just like me.
Now I am looking out for the humming birds
better put a feeder out for them
it is still so cold.

Monday, April 27, 2015

The Crows Know

The crows know Spring has sprung
Driving toward the southern shore
One flew overhead
The biggest twig he could manage
Casually dangling from his beak.

The South shore trip was to support Chris and Sarah
at the hanging and opening of their show at the Rhubarb Cafe.
X's mark the spot....where paintings should hang!

First beach walk of the year
with Chris, Patricia and the lovely Belle
and just about everyone else on the West Dublin shore!

Just turn the camera slightly
you lose a lot of cars and people.

Back home at the tail end of the week
whilst Chris, Diane and I explored possibilities in the studio
Harold came round
and took down some precious but sick trees.

Now we have have one huge clearing up job
to keep us busy throughout the Spring.
The Was The Week That Was

(Does anybody else remember that David Frost show
from the early sixties?)

Monday, April 20, 2015

Criss Cross Scratchings

I have always been drawn to 
the ancient symbol of the cross

Only once have I used the cross in a piece of work
and that was at a devastating time in my life.

Laid on it's

I just went criss cross crazy

Wondering when

I might use the cruciform again
perhaps simply as a design form

Because it is very pleasing just as a simple shape
with no symbolism applied to it.
Fingers crossed that Winter is on it's way out!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Unfinished and Homeless

Sometimes a piece of cloth speaks out loud
telling you what it wants

It was about five years ago..perhaps longer
that I was driven to work on this small piece.

But it has remained unfinished all these years.
It's not that I don't like it.
Wonder why it is hanging around patiently waiting!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Birds of Summer Scratched

Harry the Heron has arrived at the pond
Summer must surely be on her way
for Spring is surely not coming at all!

The pond is slowly defrosting
and refreezing overnight

Then a pair of black ducks arrived on the pond
causing much excitement from the Rusty Pups.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

He Greets Me Every Morning Now

Harry stands for ages in freezing cold water
where the lilly pads grow

All puffed up

Somehow his long, long neck is in there
being kept warm amidst the feathers.

I know, two days in a row on the same bird!
My apologies
but he is so gorgeous!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Harry, Our Summertime Bird

First morning ritual
is to look out at the pond and the woods
just to see what, or rather who, might be up.
To my surprise on Thursday
I spied Henry.

The first heron of summer
looking really cold
and desolate

So handsome is he
in his feathery scarf.
I hope he is finding fish and other delicacies.
Just a wee bit of the pond has defrosted.
Lovely to see him back.
People here are buying worms to feed the robins
because no worm is moving in our frozen ground.
The song birds or summer are coming back
and having a really tough time finding food too.