Sunday 17 September 2023

Hunkering Down for Tropical Storm Lee

Over the summer I've been creating my own cyclone in the studio.

So with the arrival of Tropical Storm Lee 
I took it as a hint to tidy up.
Of course that didn't last long.

Funny how picking up a piece of cloth
brings to a halt any clean-up.
So off I went creating very small 5" squares.
Tough going that small for me
and I have to make 9 of them.

So on Sunday at the tail end of the storm
The studio was still a mess
I have 9 pieces nearly done.
Still liable to change
of course.

Rusty Pups snuggled and snoozed to pass the storm away.

And even as the evening lights came on
They still slept.

Despite Lee making land quite close to us
and the eye of the storm even closer....
We were lucky 
No power cuts
No downed trees
Not too much flooding.



  1. These lil 9's are so you! So glad you fared well in the throws of Lee 🙂

  2. Good to know you were safe through it all. And, in case you wondered - you are not the only one to experience Interrupted Tidying Up!

  3. so glad to hear you made it through the storm ...

    and I do love seeing your boxes and bags of cloth ... a shared experience through the ether

    Liz A

  4. Looks like lots of lovely things happening there - the squares are gorgeous, I want to touch. The remnants of Lee are on the way to us! xx

  5. I so understand the focus on tidying up, and the worries of a storm approaching, and really so happy to hear that Lee passed by... and love that you had time for creating the nine beautiful art pieces. Loved seeing you at Crieff and having a bit of time for a walk with you... you were one busy lady! Take care - Happy Thanksgiving Day!
    Bethany in Kingston

  6. Hi Penny ... absolutely love your studio and all its inspirations ... totally understand how you can be easily distracted from the dastardly 'clean-up' idea !
    I have been MIA most of this year and was sorry to have missed your & Judy's show, but thank you for the photo peep. And I could not make it to Crieff (darn) either ! But, I have done a bit of catching up with you by reading a few of your posts. A few tears while reading about your memories of a recent anniversary ... I think I first met you a year later, and I remember thinking how strong you were to run a workshop (tho' I don't remember when or where exactly).
    I hope to continue with blogging once in a while but it is so discouraging when there is no one there anymore ... I hope blogging makes a comeback soon.
    I will endeavour to keep in touch with you & your art and your thoughts.


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