Monday 29 January 2024

Winter’s Finally Here

 Winter arrived over the weekend

Beautiful thick sticky snow

Just in time for my birthday!

It will be quiet here because

 one Rust Pup has been hobbling for a few days.

She has torn a ligament on one of her rear legs

So today we take her to the vet

She will be operated on in the morning

Fingers crossed.


  1. aaaaawwwww - poor Rusty Pup!! Please give her most special skritches and get well hugs from me.

  2. Your snow is so beautiful. I hope the Rusty Pup heals quickly.

  3. Hope the pup feels better really soon! Sending love to pup and people 🧡

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope all goes well for Rusty Pup. xx

  5. hope your RP is on the other side of the surgery and that full wellness is in her near future ... Liz A

  6. I hope the Rusty Pup heals soon - and that the healthy one isn't too disconsolate without their basketmate!

  7. Well, Happy Birthday to you and I hope the RP surgery went well and healing is taking place as I type. (((hugs)))


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