Wednesday 19 April 2023

Rusty Pups are Four Years Old Today....Already!


The day we brought them home they started chewing sticks

Today they prefer to chew or move much larger bits of fallen trees all over the garden!

Rusty Pup Brandy loves rolling all over her chosen stick of the day.
Normal dogs prefer to roll in interesting dead things or animal droppings.
Not our Brandy

Rusty Pup Ginger is the explorer, our protector 
especially when I'm alone with them.
They bark at anything new like a fallen tree
or a recycling bin on the curb
or a lawn mower parked in a new spot.
But they are enthusiastic greeters of any human beings!

They would really like to be lap dogs but my old bones can't take their weight!

They have a friend called Michael who brings them toys
Needless to say....they adore him.

These are the first Rusty Pups we've adopted that are gentle with their toys
Previous Rusty Pups have eaten any toys offered them.

It is a great joy to have them in our lives

Happy Birthday girls!


  1. Happy birthday, Sweet Rusty Pups of Sweet Penny!

  2. Oh those wonderfully beautiful Rusty Pups. Can't believe they're four already. Please, as always, give them extra-special skritches from me...birthdays deserve extra.

  3. such good gurls ... happy days

  4. We have a new kitten called Rusty, and he chews everything, from the hanging string of my glasses, to my fingers, to the edge of the letter I am reading. And guess what - his gingivitis has gone away! Happy birthday to his huge cousins - they sound wonderful. xo

  5. Happy birthday to you all and many returns !!! A lovely pair it is
    (they're just civilized and well-behaving : nót eating their toys and nót rolling in yuk things :-) !)

  6. Happy 4th to the Rusty Pups!!

  7. Those four years have whizzed by! Such lovely friends and good to see them here again. xx

  8. They're gorgeous! Please give them extra snuggles from me, too!

  9. Happy Birthday to Brandy and Ginger. Four legged friends are the best!

  10. I can't believe they are already 4 years old!! And oh my, how Rusty their coats have turned since they were pups. Thank you for this post Penny.


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