Monday 17 April 2023

Just Play or Perhaps Beginnings?

In my year of silence not knowing if I had anything worth saying
I filled my cup with play
mostly unsuccessful
but that's not the point is it.
Touching cloth keeps my tanks full!

Challenging myself to exploring colours I normally shy away from.
My hands often picked up greens.

It is easy to return to old favourites....

....easier still to come up with dismal choices!

All who know me know I cannot work with blue
Well, I probably can but I resist anything blue
And now I have to make a piece for a show called Blue!
Trouble is whatever I come up with must be nearly 100% blue.
Not be easy for me.
A couple of clever friends have suggested that I use my normal colour pallet and then dip the finished piece in an indigo vat.
Could be an interesting experiment
Using lots of different fabrics and threads
They would all take the dye differently.


Pink...not my colour either

Back to the comfort of greys and browns

Working with new new colours hasn't been my only play.
Taking apart old work
Is a slow unpicking process
A meditation
 Wondering if they have a new story to tell.


  1. seeing your blog show up on my list was like a chance reunion with a friend I haven't seen for a while ... I love how the conversation continues, catching up and looking forward

  2. The "do it and then dye it" is an interesting suggestion - based on the one experiment like that that I've done, the results may surprise you!

  3. it is so lovely having you back here again Penny, you have been missed. Your dyeing experiments look really interesting, I look forward to seeing bits of them showing up in your work. I also look forward to seeing your blue piece, however it is achieved (blue is my favourite colour).

  4. All the elements to the stitching would be the coming from the same Penny? The rock/pebble shapes? The flowing strips couched down? The only difference is color. So don't think about the color, just the shapes. The brown on the blue piece, for instance, which is yummy, could be made more raggedy/holey/torn up as you stitch it down? We usually think about 'adding' bits, but 'taking away' bits would work too. So you could be working ON blue, but not WITH blue.

  5. New beginnings, Penny, very exiting and interesting choices . . .
    (ohhhh the colours in that first picture are gorgeous ! )

  6. You do have some gorgeous fabrics to play with - I love that pink piece, and pink is not my colour either! I like the idea of dipping a piece into indigo, very interesting. Have missed your posts. xx

  7. Hey from jude that is.

  8. Challenging one's comfort zone is not an easy task. I like seeing how you are going with this.

  9. Like you, pink is definitely not on my radar very often, but blue is my favourite. I think it's good to challenge yourself once in awhile and I've been trying to do that with my landscapes. Current one is no exception but I'm tending to wonder if I've bitten off more than I can chew on it. Will have to see if I can come up with a workable solution.

  10. Cannot wait to see where you are going with all these Penny.

  11. Dear Penny, I miss you so much and am always so excited to read your posts. Our spring is quickly moving to summer and our walks, trail studies. I would love to challenge you to look for and celebrate the beauty of BLUE - just for one piece of artwork. I know you can do it and yes, perhaps Indigo will be your guide, but it only needs one piece to se the finish line met...can't wait to see where your eyes and heart lead you! Love you!


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