Sunday 2 April 2023

Today my Little Brother Arrives from the UK


Malcolm is just a couple of years younger
But he’s catching up fast!
We both have grey hair and wrinkles now.
Seventy years ago swimming kept us cool in a hot clime.

Malcolm’s  life‘s ambition back then was to burp as long and loud as anyone else!
Mine was probably to be a princess or perhaps a mermaid.

As a teenager Malcolm became a rower…..I remember Henley Regattas.
I was more interested in art than sport.

For his gap year he travelled and worked his way across Australia
About that time I was already in love with Handy Hubby!
Our first baby boy arrived by the time Malcolm married Flick.
Funny that we had three handsome boys and they had three beautiful girls!

The Rusty Pups love visitors!

They understand family visits create important memories.


  1. How wonderful! Seeing family is something we no longer take for granted. Enjoy every moment of your visit (and give those sweet Rusty Pups special scritches from me!).

  2. Love reading about your families, anything you write is beautifully thought out Penny. Enjoy every moment together and may there be many many more.

  3. How lovely - enjoy the visit. xx

  4. How lovely. I hope he's come for a nice long visit!

  5. Oh, the importance of family time! Enjoy 🙂

  6. I'm so happy to see you and the Rusty pups Penny! I've missed you 3 so much! The pups are looking like young adults, I almost didn't recognize them. Not puppies anymore, but beautifully rusty. Enjoy your brother, and ask him for a big loud burp for me. Ha ha


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