Saturday 24 April 2021

Bits and Pieces


April is coming to an end and yet still it snows
But loving the dots created by dripping trees as the day warms up

There is proof, however, that nature's critters 
know summer will soon be here.
One critter, Handy Hubby, 
had the foresight to build a shelf in case the robin's returned.
He thought they would prefer to use his shelf
A shelf is surely more comfortable than a hose
which we really need to use in the summer!
Hope you can see his very smart shelf!

For several days just a pile of straw sat on the hose
but several days later
a perfectly formed bowl appeared!
Looks like our Robins will bring us a new family.

I love my old Matriarch tree
She has been shrinking for seventeen years now.
Riddled with woodpecker holes
Not a scrap of bark left to protect her
Yet still she stands.
I really must stitch a piece about her.

My beautiful Rusty Pups and I love our break of dawn walks.
They always have to share treasures with me
 Treasures discovered in the woods....

....even rocks.

Sometimes they just wanna say hello
or show off the holes they have dug.
Our very messy front lawn is even messier nowadays!

I hope your walk inspires you today.


  1. I seem to have been missing for quite a while. Not well and always tired. I do love your posts.

  2. Lovely to see the beautiful nest - we have great tits nesting outside my window but in a box so nothing to see. They are busy feeding their babies at the moment and in and out all day long. xx

  3. How lovely to see the Rusty Pups grinning around their prizes!

  4. The majesty and beauty of spring days is so comforting and your walks/the rusty pup's adventures are so much fun. I have a special tree that I follow in the woodlands north of me - a Mother Birch that I have seen every day for many years has fallen now, and slowly becoming part of the escarpment landscape, but her children are scattered nearby and tell her story. Trees are like old friends. Be well and happy dear Penny!

  5. Amazing work by your robins, I adore bird's nests. Our blue jay rebuilt her nest at our cabin again this year exactly in the same spot even after the raccoons got into it last summer and ate the eggs nestled inside. I'm going to have to try to built something so they can't get in this year. I love that the pups bring you rocks, they know how to please you. Look at those faces, what sweet dogs they are. They are a busy couple. LOL


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