Tuesday 9 March 2021

The Edges of Things


The snowdrops hug the warm edges of the house.
They worried me when they broke ground way back in December
It seems they still survived.

The Rusty Pups don't think of edges
just sizes.....

Their sticks are getting bigger!

There are melted edges of ice on the stream today.

I am on the edge of finishing these two.
'Walking with Dogs'
Each one 53"h x 12"w

Frayed edges.

Rusty Edges 
Rocky edges.

Leafy edges and rocky edges

We see the Sun and the Moon
We walk at the break of dawn.
The Sun in our faces
The Moon at our backs.

 I am on the edge of starting a new piece.
Leaning towards a yellow piece this time.
Hoping perhaps for more sunshine

It seems we could be on the edge of defeating this Covid invasion.
Let us hope so.


  1. the quilts are wonderful, love all the detail and the colors

  2. Oh yes, Your walks and your needled interpretations of those walks are beautiful indeed. I heaved a big sigh when I saw your photo of the snowdrops...my daffodils are just poking through the ground wherever the snow has melted....and we were able to register for our vaccinations yesterday...

  3. Branch Manager and Asst Branch Manager! Lovely work, too! ❤❤

  4. Oh Penny your "Walking With Dogs" pieces are beautiful, all these stitches, you're so good at this ! Love it !
    The ice edge along the river is very special. My snowdrops are already gone, while yours are still fine (here the daffodils are staring :-) !)

  5. There's so much beauty to appreciate here. The Snowdrops are especially lovely. Be well.

  6. Love this post. So many edges, I feel a bit on edge myself.

  7. Your two hanging pieces are beautiful Penny - so much lovely detail, I could spend hours looking at them. xx

  8. Those Rusty Pups aren't afraid of a big stick, are they? I love the idea of "Walking With Dogs", rusty and rocky, and full of memories of canine exuberance!

  9. These 2 new pieces are magnificent Penny. And you are so right, you've managed to capture the colors and textures of the world around you. And those snowdrops are so pretty and bring lots of renewed hope to 2021.

  10. So much to see and admire in this post ... beautiful works, Penny !
    Such lucky dogs, they are !

  11. Hurray !! I can comment again !

  12. catching up, on your posts....such stunning creative details of your local area, in your pieces, which I love.

  13. Absolutely love your 'Walking With Dogs' it has a very spiritual feel to it. Visually it reminds me of some Aboriginal work here in Australia. What a beautiful & precious body of work these two make & such a stunning representation of the precious time you have spent with all your Rusty Pups over the years. As ever, I am in awe of what you produce & so grateful you share it via the internet. x

  14. The stitching on those panels makes my heart sing - they are so beautiful


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