Monday, 18 September 2017

Stitching Stones Under Clear September Skies

An indigo vat has been sitting in the garden
beneath pale indigo skies

....I'm not a lover of blue

Leftover from a navy blue uniform
and unhappy school days!
My, oh,  my,
that was well over fifty years ago!

So it really was time to give blue a try again!

My favourite dipping is mostly white
with thin blue streaks.
It could well end up being used.

Have to say I do like the pale indigo skies
of Summer.

The darker blues
will be harder for me to use
but rusty markings might help!


  1. there are blues for all, i think. and stones! yours are better and better.

  2. They are lovely blues, though...!

  3. Blue is my favourite - I like all shades of it. Baby pink, however, is a whole 'nother matter!! We've had over a week of pretty much clear skies here too - and only a sprinkle of rain. Hot, too (the summer we never had is happening now).

  4. Beautiful stitching and I think you've captured the September
    sky in your fabric. Soothing and peaceful.

  5. these stones continue to enchant. Do you also have a collection of stones in the studio or do you release them back into the wild after you are finished with them?


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