Monday 26 June 2017

When a Stone Travels

This little beauty arrived all the way from Washington State

It arrived with two lovely stitchings from Vicky
So kind of you....thanks!

Love this chevron marking.
The other side is beautiful too
but so far I have insisted on a new stone every day.
Perhaps I might allow myself to use both sides of one pebble
in future.
Some are just too beautiful to miss.

Encircled by wrappings of tiny marks.

I thought it was interesting that as soon as I spied this one
on the ground I thought needle weaving.

A tiny speckled stonette!

A streaked beauty

Nature did a much better job than me.

Now I am off to visit the grand little girls for a few weeks.
Can you imagine Ashley, the 2 3/4 year old,
is now playing (?) soccer!
And Stevie, the 6 week old, now
actually looks at the screen as we Face Time!
It is so amazing watching little ones grow and unfold.


  1. I love your stone work, there are a lot of stones where I live and every time I see them I want to join in and stitch, would you mind? I respect you and your work but I would love to try some stones.

  2. Have a lovely time with them.

  3. You had some really inspiring stones this week, didn't you. Isn't it fascinating to think of all the geological processes that went to make them up...

  4. What is hard to tell is, that first stone is teeny tiny, about the size of a pinkie finger tip...on a child?? And the 2 different from one another! Are you sure they are made by the same person?? (smile)

    The last of your rocks looks like a T-Rex fossil. Nothing wrong with using a different side of stone....roll over, said the small stone in it's crowded bed, roll over.

    Last Monday escaped me. GD #4 broke her arm....2 days before the end of school. Have fun with your own GD's!

  5. It was interesting to hear that a design came to mind as soon as you saw the stone...does this happen often or do you have to ponder your stitch design sometimes?
    I can't believe how varied the rocks are, just incredible.

  6. I'm with Vicky in thinking the last stone looks like a T-Rex fossil. So cool! Have a wonderful time playing with your grandbabies...enjoy every single moment.


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