Friday 30 June 2017

Resting Between Night and Day

  'Resting Between Night and Day'
43" x 50"
Hand stitched on Natural dyed silk & linen
with discharged black cotton.

We packaged it up and sent it off

for the new Connections Fibre Artists show
'Running with Fibre'

is a group of amazing artists and friends
that I have had the privilege of being
a part of since I started this journey into stitch
way, way back.

As I photographed this piece 
I noticed all the small pebbles stitched into the
body of the large rock.

Working every day
threaded needle in hand
Cloth either stretching out flat on the table
or stretched in a frame on my lap
is what I do
and love to do.

It is hard to send a work like that far away.
I wonder if I will see it again
for it is like an old familiar friend
after months of stitching.

'Running with Fibre'
will run from July 15th to September 24th
at the Gallery Stratford, Ontario, Canada
with opening reception on July 14th 7-9 pm.


  1. So much lovely stitching. I would love to see it.

  2. Wow - this is a beautiful piece Penny. I am going to try to view it and the entire exhibition. You are right about Connections fibre artists - what a great group. xo

  3. All that meditative stitching... time for very deep thoughts!

  4. how I wish I could attend the exhibition! How special to have such a group to be part of.

  5. A bit too far away for me to go to see it in person, but I visited the group site and there is some amazing work being shown there. I expect the show will be outstanding!


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