Wednesday 21 June 2017

Walking Woodland Stones

'Walking Woodland Stones'
Natural dyed and printed silks and cottons
Threads of cotton and wool.

Running stitch
straight row upon row
Higgledy piggledy
Loose and lumpy
but running stitch all the same

Couching travelling the edge of stones.
Imagining the footsteps of insects and small critters
marking pathways across the stones.

The woodland canopy keeping the land beneath cool.

Touching the edges of rocks.
Can a rock speak of what it is feeling inside?


  1. I wish I were beneath a woodland canopy right now!

    Anthropologists tell us that many cultures associate wood with the living, stone with the dead - but that doesn't mean the stone itself is dead. Maybe it's just thinking long, slow, deep, philosophical thoughts, too difficult to put into words...

  2. Another stunning piece, such an inspiration.

  3. Oh beautiful words and image...'a woodland canopy keeping the land beneath cool'!!

  4. 'Footsteps of insects' made me think of the trails that snails often leave.

  5. Beautiful!! Love your work, it's very inspiring.

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  7. "Can a rock speak of what it is feeling inside?"
    ... Many years ago I wrote a short story where a rock was the main character... and even if it was more of an introvert it certainly had a story to tell... :)

    Thank you for once again sharing beauty and thought....

  8. You have spoken for the rocks, the leaves, the "critters" with this beautiful piece.

  9. As always, I love your piece. The stitches look random, but they fill the space beautifully. Can you please let us know the's good to be able to visualise how big/small your work is.


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