Monday 12 June 2017

Summer Rocks!

Summer, precious Summer
When the sun is up before I rise
and seems to go to bed long after me.

When squawking hatchlings
of every kind
chase their patient mothers all over the garden
demanding to be fed the next bug or worm she finds.
I spied a A grackle being swarmed by no less than five babies
Babies that seemed so much bigger than her.
She must be exhausted.

when early morning shoreline fog
is soon burnt off by the heat of the sun.

when the weeds grow faster than I can keep up!

Summertime when
the Rusty Pups, Handy Hubby and I
look forward to hikes
on long sandy beaches
or rocky shorelines.

Precious days filled with bright specks of colour
from a myriad of flowering plants.

And the smells of summer
The salty sea breezes that cool us down
The welcoming scents from perennial flowerbeds
The mouthwatering smells of barbecues sizzling in the neighbourhood
the refreshing smell of newly cut grass
and of course enticing aroma of suntan lotion.

I love Summer Days
Hope your day is great


  1. What a beautiful post. I especially like the first one, you've captured that summer rock perfectly! We've had so much rain over the spring that summer is especially magical this year -- all manner of color and scents throughout the garden.

  2. Your pebbles are getting better and better and more and more pebbly!

  3. I am so enjoying all of your "Rock Stories" Penny!

    I have a great pile of pebbles here....but no plans to stitch them...yet!! x C

  4. I think these are wonderful.

  5. You have some beautiful rocks there, both real and stitched. Winter here so your description of summer is a delight.

  6. i was shocked off my rock by stone's neckED....smiling here as i say that.

    the last needs some sun screen for sure, that pinky-red...could it have been burned as it hurled through space eons ago?

    we had a really rainy winter, and now it's Jun-aury. the blossoms are bursting out all around our neighborhood too, more so than other years, along with those other scents you mentioned.

    i love summer!!!!

  7. beautiful thoughts on Summertime...the smell of newly cut grass, reminds me of walking home from school and being surprised that my Dad had managed to come home early from work & mow. A memory from long,long ago!

  8. I just got all excited when I had a thought (which I'm sure you've already thought of already!!) - I can 'see' a wonderful book with all the images you've had on your blog of the inspiration stones and the stitched versions to accompany the gallery show. I know you're already way ahead of me, but had to say it anyway!!


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