Saturday, 30 July 2016

The Mighty Rock Work in Progress

Summertime stitching carries on with this large piece.
As I stitch my thoughts turn to
The leeward side
The sheltered, protected side colonized by moss and lichen.

This piece also reminds me of my need to for a strong, firm foundation.
I like to have my feet on terra firma both physically, 
emotionally and creatively.
Therefore my rock balances comfortably on another.
The sunlit side, the side that faces the world,
is bold and confident.

The leeward shadowy side more subtle and retreating.
Perhaps full of secrets and surprises.


  1. Really like this, such an organic look to it.

  2. Enlarged I could travel among the stitches...the leeward side as well as the sunlit. Beautiful balance, texture and light.

  3. Penny this is A-Mazing! I am curious..are you using a model? I know I would want to.

    I am back to your landscape, time to add the ghost trees!!

  4. There are always surprises - the more we puzzle and play, the more the ideas develop...

  5. just amazing...such depth from one side to the your variety of stitches.

  6. This one is fascinating - and so interesting to understand the symbolism behind it.


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