Friday, 29 July 2016

Early Morning Life on the Basin

As we walked along the dike
a heron came in to land flew on the marshlands beside us.

Looking down at the salty puddle
 I realized two herons were there.
Can you see one nearly hidden behind the tree?

And then just beyond the puddle I saw there was a third.
Perhaps Mom and Dad teaching youngster the art of catching breakfast.

The morning sun glistened off this one when they eventually decided
it was time to leave.
Unfortunately at the end of our walk I was unable to entice 
RP Kayla into the car.
We had to phone home for Handy Hubby to come and assist!
Poor Kayla's Lime Disease seems to have returned 
despite all our precautions.
She is aging faster than her sister because of these last
two summers.

Early Morning on the wharf 
where I go nowadays after walking the Rusty Pups
to do Tai Chi with a group a lovely group.
They do it in all types of weather all year long!
Don't forget this is Canada!


  1. I always enjoy your posts, so sad that the rusty pup is not well.

  2. ooo Kayla.lyme ..I'm always so araid for the black puppies.....recently the vet gives them an injection against the tics (?)

  3. I'm sure catching breakfast doesn't come easily!

  4. Aw - I didn't realize that Kayla had been dealing with that miserable lyme disease. Please give her special skritches from me.


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