Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Deep in the Tobiatic Wilderness

Diane and I took a trip to her and Harold's cabin deep in the Tobiatic.
We drove over logging backroads roads..more rock than road
then walked a woodland trail
then came to Sixth Lake where we canoed

across to get to their lovely remote cabin.

first things first...We took tannin water from the lake
and got some fabric soaking.

Next we went exploring the forest floor
for leaves and flowers

such as Cornus Canadensis or Bunchberries

Monotropa Uniflora or Indian Pipe

Coptis or Golden Thread
named for the threads of gold yellow roots
that lead from one plant to another.
And we found so many more.

That evening we canoed to the marshy end of the lake
and watched three rare night hawks
and some not so rare (in these parts) beaver at play.

 The lake was like a mirror
and covered in pollen
which of course is making it a fun year of allergies for moi!

In the morning we woke to a beautiful stream of mist
travelling along the lake.

Despite the temptation of taking another canoe trip
we got straight to work

wrapping bundles
steaming some
and dyeing others.

A great two days of discovery.


  1. What a fun getaway!! This place looks idyllic!!

  2. What a fun getaway!! This place looks idyllic!!

  3. It certainly sounds like fun - and so peaceful!

  4. printing in the wilderness must have been delicious! did you notice anything about using the tannin-rich lake water? did you get black from indian pipe? (i once did!)

  5. Sounds like an amazing time - if you can manage to deal with the allergies. Anxious to see the results of your dyeing experiments.


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