Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Falling Into October's Scratchings

We relaxed at the beginning of October
after having completed one trip to the Cape Breton Highlands
and we knew what was ahead....Two more trips to Cape Breton.
But also in the distance was the knowing
that a retreat with special friends was coming too.

In the meantime I wanted to preserve some samples.
Samples from my C&G days of playing with stitches.
Those above are raised chain stitch.

Starry reverse appliqué

Blanket stitch with a few French knots thrown in.
Nowadays I use blanket stitch a lot
and not one of my current versions was included
in this 1990's sampler!
Today I try to be looser, freer, less restrained....
perhaps even stitching with gay abandon!

Again from the 1990's curvilinear stitchings.

An interruption of simple running stitch
flowing rhythms

Stem stitch marching across silver cloth
I like stem stitch
I like grey
perhaps not metallic grey


  1. Stitching with wild abandon -- I love that!!

  2. A total treat here at Tanglewood Threads!!

  3. It must be fascinating to see how your favourite stitches have changed!

  4. Lovely samples and good to preserve them. xx

  5. wonderful, wish i could sit down with you and look at your records of time close up

  6. Beautiful stitches and variations, use of color sets it off over the top.

  7. It's always fun to see your scratchings - new or old.


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