Monday, 26 October 2015


Last week was a week with friends
that started with a late, late night
watching Justin Trudeau's Liberals sweep the country.
Once the election results were in
we were able to do what we always do when we get together...
Support each other in our creative lives 
Talk art and artists and all that that entails
For the first time some of us baulked at talking about five year plans...
...and kept it down to one!

But now Margi and Judy and Val
have flown my coop.
But actually Val had to leave mid-week
because she became a grandmother for the first time.
So very thrilling!
Over the years we have been through more than art talk together.

I am so grateful to these women
Every time they come I feel renewed, re-energised, validated
and so much more.
Now I need to sit down and think
think of our talks and plans
then write to wrap my mind around things
to understand and fully absorb
for what they say and observe is important to me.

Everyone should have friends that are passionate about the same things.


  1. you are so lucky to have such good friends!

  2. Wonderful time for you, sharing is so important.

  3. What a wonderful treat for you!

  4. Sounds marvelous! Its so special to have creative friends to talk to, share with and especially to laugh with.

  5. So glad you had such a valuable soul nurturing time. I love that you have this regular tradition. It must give you a real focal point throughout your year of making & thinking, :-)

  6. We are both blessed to have friends that share the same interests. Mine don't necessarily have the same passion as I do for crazy quilting, but they are all needleworkers, which is what counts.


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