Monday 27 April 2015

The Crows Know

The crows know Spring has sprung
Driving toward the southern shore
One flew overhead
The biggest twig he could manage
Casually dangling from his beak.

The South shore trip was to support Chris and Sarah
at the hanging and opening of their show at the Rhubarb Cafe.
X's mark the spot....where paintings should hang!

First beach walk of the year
with Chris, Patricia and the lovely Belle
and just about everyone else on the West Dublin shore!

Just turn the camera slightly
you lose a lot of cars and people.

Back home at the tail end of the week
whilst Chris, Diane and I explored possibilities in the studio
Harold came round
and took down some precious but sick trees.

Now we have have one huge clearing up job
to keep us busy throughout the Spring.
The Was The Week That Was

(Does anybody else remember that David Frost show
from the early sixties?)


  1. Love, love, love this crow stitchery. I do remember that saying.

  2. Love, love, love this crow stitchery. I do remember that saying.

  3. Delightful crow... perfect markings!
    We have a large redwood tree in the neighborhood with the sound and sightings of crows!

  4. Love the casual mastery your crow has over his twig!

  5. Love that crow and the beach walking, hope for one this

    Love that crow, hoping for a beach walk soon. Still trying to sort out pain control after the op.

  6. Lovely crow. I'd love to visit the beaches of Dublin!

  7. Love your crow! Ours stick around all year and this spring J. feeds them peanuts, set on a log out back :) I remember the title, my mama saying it, but I was too young for the show.


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