Wednesday 1 April 2015

Scratching Month End

Scratching the end of a month
Scratching the end of a scroll.

I started the week wanting to scratch
the trees of winter.
For the ash tree I imagined how it would hold a snowball.

But then Diane, Grace and I
went on an excellent adventure
up to Halifax and St. Mary's University
to see Dorothy Caldwell's show
'Silent Ice/Deep Patience'
and to
attend a "Conversation" between
Dorothy and Sandra Brownlee.

There is something about darning
even if my mother and grandmother
would have a fit at this being called darning!

What a treat it was to walk among Dorothy's huge pieces again.
The lands she explores are huge...
the Canadian Arctic and the Australian Outback.
Her respect for those lands
and for the people and cultures that inhabit them
is humbling.

In honour of Dorothy I continued to end the month
with discharged scraps

and bits and pieces of red

A colour that is beginning to creep into my psyche for some reason.

Using up scraps and bits and pieces.

Stitching loosey goosey
and changing to running along.

March has been a lion all month long
and for the three of us it certainly went out
with an inspirational bang!

Happy April Fool's Day


  1. I do love those scratched trees!

  2. So lucky to see and hear both Dorothy Caldwell and Sandra Brownlee, I have had classes with both and admire their work. I do like the way you are doing your scratching and the deep colours.

  3. Fabulous! The Dorothy Caldwell inspired pieces are wonderfully dramatic!!

  4. Marvelous stitchings! After all your winter housebound days it sounds like an inspirational get together was just what you needed.

  5. I want to know when and where we are going to be able to view the scratchings, Penny! This is TRULY amazing! Welcome to MY new world! I never liked red at all but over the past few years it has crept into MY life as well. Went out this AM with my red iPad in my big RED purse with a red wallet in it, wearing a red sweatshirt and a red jacket and gloves!!!!! Top that!

  6. I'm a 'fool' for your loose red stitches...beautiful!

  7. Hi Penny,
    The red is a fabulous addition ... your work just looks the richer for it ;) Your winter trees say it all and I thought, at first glance, the ash had been standing in front of the moon. Helen H. & I went to see Dorothy Caldwell's show when it was here, too. Happy spring to you !


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