Sunday 12 April 2015

He Greets Me Every Morning Now

Harry stands for ages in freezing cold water
where the lilly pads grow

All puffed up

Somehow his long, long neck is in there
being kept warm amidst the feathers.

I know, two days in a row on the same bird!
My apologies
but he is so gorgeous!


  1. No apology needed - he's gorgeous!

  2. What a lovely way to start your day.

  3. What a lovely way to start your day.

  4. Never apologize for sharing gorgeous photography with us! I love seeing your nature photos.

  5. From MY perspective , Penny, you just post away about Harry! How fortunate are YOU!!!

  6. No need to apologize. This heron is so stately and also slightly sinister. Beautiful!

  7. We have a resident heron here too! How lovely that you have named him :) ours is very, very shy. He usually flies away as soon as he spots us and he takes my breath away - at first a loud flap of huge wings and then such gracefulness! Gorgeous, amazing bird!!!

  8. no apologize. Thiis freezy bird seems so confident. WE have many of them where I live (easy part of France called ALSACE). You are allons to continue speaking about your héron. Tank you. Have a good week.

  9. So wonderful for you to see this fabulous bird every day.


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