Saturday 11 April 2015

Harry, Our Summertime Bird

First morning ritual
is to look out at the pond and the woods
just to see what, or rather who, might be up.
To my surprise on Thursday
I spied Henry.

The first heron of summer
looking really cold
and desolate

So handsome is he
in his feathery scarf.
I hope he is finding fish and other delicacies.
Just a wee bit of the pond has defrosted.
Lovely to see him back.
People here are buying worms to feed the robins
because no worm is moving in our frozen ground.
The song birds or summer are coming back
and having a really tough time finding food too.


  1. I hope Henry didn't read the timetable wrong and arrive to early! Lets hope he finds plenty to eat.

  2. Welcome back Harry! It WILL warm up. Keep your scarf on:-)

  3. He is magnificent. I'm sending good vibes your way for both the people and woodland creatures, for some spring sunshine.

  4. How lucky you are to have Harry ! I'd give my eye teeth to see him everyday ! he is rather handsome ;)
    Hope the thaw begins soon ... are ground is soft now and the crocus are blooming ! Still damned cold tho' !

  5. Poor Harry. He does look a little disconsolate, doesn't he!


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