Thursday, 19 June 2014

Stitching Along Pliers in Hand

Been stitching

stitching through Egyptian cotton

Not such a good idea
Why do I never learn?
Every time I use some of my high threadcount
Egyptian cotton
I promise myself I will only ever machine stitch it.
But then machine stitching just isn't the same
as hand stitched marks.
Now I have carpel tunnel problems once again!


  1. It's a lovely fabric, but having stitched with a very high thread count fabric myself, I agree - it isn't really good for hand embroidery!

  2. But it is looking good ---- nevertheless.

  3. Hi Penny... oh, DRATS! The stitching and colour are GORGEOUS!! Was at Connections at Sybil's sharing soy wax and potato dextrin play yesterday and your River piece was there heading home with GORDANA... she beat me to the buy!!! Lovely it wall reside in her studio/home!
    Missed you!

  4. Oh ouch! I had a similar experience making a denim quilt! Hope your hand feels better soon...

  5. This is so beautiful, love that color! Your thoughts about high-thread count cotton remind me of when I hand stitched a binding on a quilt made with patterned sheets. One of the worst experiences of my textile life!!

  6. Sorry about the carpal tunnel -- but oh my this hand stitching is lovely. I too prefer it over machine stitch but sometimes its better to save your wrists and hands.

  7. oh i know that feeling--try it rusted and *really* pay for it as i do--thumb problems AND carpal!! SO lovely though as the stitch sits higher.

  8. Hand stitching wins hands down every time

  9. I am sorry for your pain, but I love the wonderful stitching and the beautiful earthy colors!


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