Tuesday, 17 June 2014

One Sky Now

Rescued donkeys

filled a paddock

Munching contentedly.

In the back field more donkeys
kept this beautiful pony company.
He seemed to think my camera might be edible.

Goats lived amid places for shade
and lots of places to climb.

This little adventurer reminded me of the days
when a simple cardboard box 
kept my boys happy for ages.

Being goats they all love to play
I'm the king of the castle.

Not only animals live here but
organic vegetables thrive
and plants for the garden too.


  1. The cardboard box reminds me that my mother used to let me turn the living room chairs upside down to make dens, and teh dining room table upside down to make a raft!

  2. Good to see the donkeys are being cared for.

  3. What a lovely farm scape. So glad that the donkeys are being well cared for. I wonder what a child today would do with an empty box, perhaps curl up inside with their Ipod!!

  4. How very beautiful they all are! We have had three lovely nanny goats just up the road from us but they have suddenly disappeared:-( makes for a sad trip to the grocery store now.


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