Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Where the Birds Gather

Birds gather in our berry laden bush.
They wait there because the bird feeder is very close by.
the Blue Jays are bold and noisy.

Cardinals are timid.... 

....but patient.

When the coast is clear
they dart towards the feeder.

The Junko family is always hopping beneath for fallen seeds.


  1. ...and just how will you scratch a dragonfly covered in snow I wonder?!

    x C

  2. Just goes to show that patience is indeed rewarded!

  3. Lovely winter pictures! I saw a robin yesterday and warned him of our very unusual, very low temperatures to come that night. I hope he was listening.

  4. the birds that visit our feeders are a never-ending source of joy for me..they are always so cheerful it seems. Lovely to see your birds in the snow :)

  5. I find it odd that our blue jays come to the feeder in the spring and the fall but never see them during the winter. I know they do come to other feeders in the area during the cold, but for some reason they avoid ours. We buy the 'good' seed too and it has lots of the things they like best, so don't know what the reason is. We never see cardinals at our feeders either...this part of town doesn't seem to have them. Juncos are rare too. We do have lots of mourning doves and chickadees, a pair of nuthatches and a pair of woodpeckers that keep me amused.

  6. Hi Penny … just catching up only blog reading and just wanted to say that your cardinal is so photogenic !
    We have a bright red dawn at the moment … wonder what Mother Nature is going to throw at us today !


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