Monday 27 January 2014

Seven Days Scratched

A week with a lovely ending...

A lecture on the move towards abstraction
and Kandinsky's first abstract watercolor
where I found and stitched some shapes.

Friends have loaned me a book on primitive art treasures.
This long nosed fish was a tiny weight for weighing gold.
Nowadays we don't make such things into beautiful art pieces.

Two days of snow and being cooped up inside.

If it's Friday it must be time for yoga classes.

Our treat this week is the arrival of son Brett for a lovely visit.
I can't believe how ugly my stitching for Sunday is!
Way too preoccupied with a wonderful guest I guess.


  1. Your Sunday stitching is nice, although you don't think so. It is so much telling....

  2. Anything that reflects the visit of a son or daughter cannot be bad. Enjoy so much your time with him.

  3. I agree with the ladies here. In the whole week, Sunday resembles a spring field to me, so maybe his visit is like a breath of spring air!

    Heavy, man, heavy....

  4. I love your snowy days, here we go into a week of exreme heat, not much you can do at over 40 degrees C.

  5. Loved your scratch yoga characters!
    And actually, thought your Sunday scratching looked intriguing...

  6. Love those yoga poses - they look like writing - could there be an alphabet of yoga poses??


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