Monday, 5 August 2013

Scratching Summer Sunshine

Who stays indoors in glorious sunshiny weather?

Anyone else a golf widow on Mondays...
and most sunshiny days until the snows come!

Tuesday was time to take down our group show at the art centre.

The Rusty Pups, Diane and I
spent a glorious day at the red beach
trying to get some of that red onto our cloth.

The RP's explored

and lounged around admiring our work!

Snails and limpets also looked on.

Decided to restrict myself to X's for the rest of the week....
keep it simple when it's way to sunshiny outside to stay indoors!


  1. Replies
    1. And summery weather is precious up here!

  2. I hope the RP's supervision was help rather than hindrance!

  3. They did help a couple of times by walking out onto the red muddy flats and then walking red paw prints over our cloth!

  4. oh how i love this new section of scratchings! the figure jumps up and seems to be waving 'hello'! and i can almost see the gentle waves lapping at the cloth, leaving those red curvy kisses!


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