Tuesday 13 August 2013

Garden Colours Walkabout

Resting beneath a mound of yellow.

Rusty richness swaying in gentle breezes.

Laden with delectable greens...
Rusty Pup Kayla
has already finds them delicious
and will pick the tree bare before they're ripe!

Speckled orange elegance.

Green ball in Rusty Pup mouth
as she rushes into action after another ball.
She is obsessed!

Weathered grey notch..
Seeing a design potential here.


  1. Lovely colorful blooms... and the weatherd knot, like an eye.

  2. Enjoyed your colourful photos on a grey & cold day here in Melbourne.
    Last Summer our son's new pup kept getting in under the netting over our apple tree and 'steal' an apple to eat!

  3. Lovely vibrant colors - even the Rusty Pups fit into the color scheme.

  4. such gorgeous vibrant color in your garden, and of course, I love the weathered eye, sitting in stillness watching it all go by......

  5. Love those rusty pups (perhaps I`ve said that before...lol). I might just be tempted to steal a pear if I were there too.


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