Monday 12 August 2013

Mostly Moonlit Scratchings

How I love the summer

Sipping wine with friends on our side of the Basin
watching Natal Day Fireworks
as moored yachts bobbed back and forth on gentle waves.
A great show for our little town.

Chatting with friends shaded from Summer's sun.
An enchanted afternoon.

Dipped in rust
then dried beneath the midday sun.

A day in the studio
pinning bits and pieces to the design wall
then moving and re-pinning
several times!

This week I've been having a recurring dream about whales for some reason.
I'm sitting on the front porch with guests
looking out over the ocean as it laps up against our front step.
Suddenly we notice a whale.
He approaches gently and lays his massive head
on a big flat rock right in front of us.
my guest is too scared to look
I am in awe of this gentle giant.

A moonlit concert beneath the stars
and for a brief shining moment
the space station
as it flew overhead.
For Sunday a say of rest using those special
blues of summer
those Mediterranean blues.


  1. Sounds like a busy Summer...but a lovely one. Beautiful whale!

    1. You're having a good summer over there too I hear. Thanks for dropping by Jenny.

  2. What a magical summer you're having. I love the whale spotting -- I have always wanted to touch one, they are so majestic.

    1. And it is fascinating that they are so huge but so gentle.

  3. I love the moonlit boat - reminds me of my youth sailing with my parents. And the whale dream, cool. My recurring dream of late is spiders - large spiders. A little scary, but I like them, just not in my bed :)

  4. Love seeing these scratchings, always - even if I don't always comment, I've been here :)

  5. Thank you Nancy...honoured you drop by.

  6. It's wonderful, isn't it, to see the ISS go overhead, and think "There's people on that thing up there!"


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