Monday 26 August 2013

Raggedy Scratchings

I decided it was time to pay homage
to all the fabric I have wrecked over the years
in the name of exploring my medium.

A scrap of cotton nearly rusted away
but looks like a shaman perhaps.

One of my brother's napkins he used
to take to school.
Who the heck has to take their own napkins to school?
Anyhooo.... this one ended up wrapped around a rock
in my stream for three months.
....Also remembering the full moon.

Dyed with iris leaves
dyed with bark and plaited for the tracks we made up the valley
for doctor appointments.

Very fine silk nearly eaten away lying in the stream 
and wrapped around a can.
Lovely linen blouse left in the mud for three months.
Sunday's piece was steamed with leaves in the slow cooker.

It's been a glorious week to be outside.


  1. Very interesting,I have not been following blogs or writing mine since June so it is nice to come back!

  2. What a nice tribute to both the fabric and Mother Nature and their interaction. I love each and every one of these.

  3. This is indeed something new and original, I can not but smile at your ingenious creativity.

    1. Might as well use up all the scraps that could never go in an actual piece!

  4. Wow Penny, what a super great idea! I enjoy seeing the story of your life in this remarkable way.

    1. Thank, Bobbie. I never was able to write a journal but stitching keeps me happy.

  5. Always interesting and always beautiful. Love your scratchings :)

    1. Thanks, Starr. How interesting for you learning about the plants in your woods. I should do the same.

  6. penny, this is fabulous, it looks like it's a being now, all her own!

  7. I would be very hard-pressed to represent my life with scratchings like yours - I am full of admiration!


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