Thursday 10 May 2012

Bark Marks

Found this journal page from my last trip to England
As you might guess I found it very crowded
Cars everywhere and parked in every nook and cranny
and of course people everywhere too

Where I live 4 cars on the road is a traffic jam

For the last month I've been mulling over a commitment
to work on a series of tree bark pieces.
Once upon a time I would have jumped right in stitching textures
but my work has changed and I'm resisting that temptation.
How can I create a piece of stitching inspired by bark but not recreating it?
So after seeing that England doodle
I'm drawing marks on tracing paper with bark photographs underneath
trying to remember not to trace the image
but work on stitches that might mark the bark. 
Could become a mess if I use too many different stitches
but I like the concept.
Still mulling things over
More doodling to be done
What size would fit?
Natural dyed cloth would be appropriate.
At this stage I have to allow percolating time.


  1. Let it brew for a while. I'm sure your muse will take over as soon as you begin.

  2. It seems to me you're approaching this in a very sensible way. Things will come together for you soon I'm sure. You're right about the crowded place that England is, especially in the south-east where I live.

  3. Hey Angie...I know the South East.

  4. Your line is always satisfying.... and, yes, percolating is good, and I like where the musings are going!

    1. I often wonder if the musings are not just a procrastination!

    2. I don't think so, I call it "stirring the imaginal cauldron"... got to have loads of good ingredients perculating to make good soup!

  5. The stitched piece if magnificent, however it subsequently turns out!

  6. It will be intriguing to see what percolates out - as you say, it's as well to leave plenty of thinking time!

  7. I'm sort of going through the same thing - 'percolating' a LOT! I sort of know what I want to do but I'm not sure how I want to do it. Then I get impatient with myself saying "just do it" -- quickly followed up by the question "do what"? Hopefully your muse will step up to the bat and offer all the answers.

    1. And sometimes our creativity wants something done that's way ahead of our skill level.

  8. I totally hear you - I have loads of things in a drawer in the back of my head waiting for me to figure out a way of interpreting without reproducing. Look forward to seeing what you make of the same problem.

  9. glad to hear someone else has a line-up of ideas waiting to burst forth! I suppose we'd be lost without them all percolating in our heads.

  10. Karen....we'd probably be lost without 101 things percolating away!

  11. Very inspiring, I am planning a 'japanese' piece and I might take your path. Thanks for sharing.


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