Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Well Travelled Cloth

This treasure trove of Indigo travelled from Glennis.
What a treat.
Every type of cloth and even a skein of thread.
Blue was the colour of my school uniform.
School was not a happy place for me.
Ever since (and it's been many a year)
I have avoided all things blue.
blue is fast becoming a favourite.

Liking this the most.

Travelling soon to Kaite down under
for her Emerald flood relief quilts.

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  1. indigo is no ordinary blue.

  2. i have one of those packs too. i so love the way it looks packaged that i haven't yet opened it. i do have plans for all that blue.

  3. Blue used to be my favorite color but I've avoided it (for some unknown reason) lately. This pack of blue makes me think that I should add some blue to my work. Your pack for Kaite has some marvelous, marvelous prints and colors.

  4. Life has a way of making things fascinating. Wandering through Jude Hill's blog led me to yours- another Nova Scotian! Nothing seems more exciting then that for today.

  5. Blue has to be one of my favourites, with purple and burgundy close seconds. School wasn't happy for me either, but fortunately I didn't have to wear a uniform. Then again, maybe it would have been better if I had.

  6. hi Penny, i've been so buried down under in the quilt mines that i completely missed this, AMD had to tell me. Your qayg blocks are beautiful, thankyou so much. By the time they get here along with AM's and a few others i should have an empty sewing table again.
    cheers, k.


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