Thursday, 10 February 2011

Madame Pheasant

We know we are in the depth of winter when the pheasants come to the bird feeder.
They are the most nervous of birds around here.
The slightest shadow across our window will send her running back across the snow into the woods.

The colours and markings of a pheasant are a favourite of mine.
She didn't have a male with her, hope she finds one soon.
She has come two days in a row so far.
Perhaps, if we keep the rusty pups inside at noon when she seems to visit, we will have the pleasure of her company more often.
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  1. How beautiful she is!

  2. Oh now that is something we don't get on my balcony in the city! Very nice!

  3. Ohhh! You are so lucky to be within shutter shooting distance of these beauties. Have you ever included one in a piece?

  4. Beautiful, I do love Pheasants. Haven't seen on in a while, but I know they are here, hidden in the underbrush, disguised by their magical feathers...

  5. oh how wonderful. wish a pheasant would grace my yard.

  6. Hi there
    Just thought i would let you know...
    That is the male!!
    The female is pale brown.

  7. Thanks very much for posting the photos of the pheasant -- be it female or male...Gloria


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