Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Stitching Snow

Yesterday the sun's warmth
Started the first thaw of the winter...

But it is snowing and blowing again this morning.

It will be icy underneath this new layer of white.
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  1. I always come here first when you have a new post. It is such a soothing way to start my morning! Your piece is turning out really beautiful. Love the fresh snow on the ground!

  2. nice snow. love that fringy tree.

  3. Still snowing over there ....?
    love your stitched snow
    Here spring seems on its way when I look in my garden.
    You are one lucky girl with such treasures from Glennis!

  4. you'd better stitch fast then before it all melts. love the stripey tree...k.

  5. you must be a day ahead of us here in's been lovely and snow has been melting...even some of the underpinnings of ice have been shrinking here and there...but tomorrow is supposed to plunge us into frigid temperatures and cover us in snow once again....(sigh)

    love your new treescape cloth!! that daisy sun is full of promise!

  6. You certainly have an affinity for trees. Will this lovely be part of another piece, or just for the sample book?

    The rusty pups are certainly not afraid of the snow! I expect they track snow just about everywhere, if you don't catch them the minute they come in the door. I can just see them trying to escape you!


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