Wednesday, 9 February 2011

My Peruvian Weaving

Ten years ago my dear friend Chris took the trip of a lifetime to Peru and Machu Pichu.
I couldn't go.
Chris brought me back a piece of weaving.
It's about 18" square.
It was given to her by a coca leaf reader.
He carried coca leaves in a sacred bag and dropped them on this cloth.
Then he would read them just like tea leaves I suppose.

It would have been made by Quechua women in a village high in the Andes.
It was woven in strips about 9" which were then sewn together with the orange zigzag type stitches above and the pink and blue stitches in the pic before.

Now it lives on a small antique table in my home.
I love it.
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  1. me too. i would have to touch it everytime i passed it by.

  2. Oh, I love it too! The colors are so very welcome at this grey time of the year.

  3. Hi Penny - such muted colours yet with a kind of translucence to them. Love the overstitiching to bring the pieces together. I also really like your(weekend retreat)friend's dolls - I went to her website today. I have made a couple of dolls I think she would like. I might post them sometime. Gilly

  4. I love the weaving, I love the colors, maybe we should go for a weaving internship among the Quechua women...

  5. Beautiful piece! I'd be stroking it too.

  6. we would never put all those colours together and have them look so wonderful. a beautiful treasure


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