Monday, 22 October 2018

Getting Back in the Swing of Stitching and Walking

feels good to be back in the studio
adding layers of stitch
creating tactile textures.

Sometimes one spends a morning adding a darker colour
to outline an area
and right from the start you don't like it
but you leave it for a while.
Then the moment comes when you simply have to get rid of it
and introduce something different.

Much better!

Then it is all a matter of adding some stitches
standing back and observing.
Each new stitch changes the whole dynamic of a piece.

Sometimes a new shapes and a new colour
ask to be included.

Sometimes you need to repeat that shape.

Sometimes perhaps a shape should run off the edge.

Standing back and observing one half
Adjusting the colour just a bit to bring out
all the subtle markings in the black walnut dyed fabric
just because it might help with where to go next.

Standing back to see the other half
and wondering if introducing a small piece of rusched silk velvet somewhere
might add an interesting texture against the linen background.

It is all part of the flow.

The threads used so far.
I try for slight colour variations
thick and thin
matt and shiny.

Never anything shocking!
My choices are always muted and calm!
That's just me.

It has been quite a season for mushrooms
This one is about the size of a dinner plate!

I expect Valerie is having a whale of a time hunting for edibles!

And still more are popping up all over the place.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Autumn Travellers

We welcomed our Australian cousins Pip and Fox
and had a great time showing them around our little piece of the world.

Then I became the traveller
Joining the Connections Fibre Artists group for a stitching retreat.
Reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.








 Four days spent with fellow stitchers is so renewing
 for those of us who quietly work alone in our studios.

Four days spent with friends old and new
means one heck of a lot of talking!

and boy did we laugh!

Thank you to Elizabeth and her sister Patti for their generous hospitality
Many thanks to Bethany who drove me to meet up with my son Mark. 

Mark and I drove North amid fields of wind turbines

Beautiful in their strangeness

and for the first time ever they were all twirling!

 Travelling through rural Ontario.... is bound to find many....

....a barn and at this time of year....

 ....much colour.

 Then Collingwood comes into view.

Thank you to my boys and their families for
a lovely Thanksgiving.

Now I am home again and back in the studio
getting used to the quiet
and hopefully starting many new stitchings.

Monday, 24 September 2018

A Whole Lotta Rocks and a Grateful Heart

Two days at a house on a beach
soaking up the sounds and rhythm of the waves

Walking barefoot in sand and water

 Marvelling at Mother Nature's artwork

Finding lines of stitch and....

....weathered holes

Marvelling at grey on grey textures

Discovering two rocks so different from the rest

Wondering why barnacles have started to grow on seaweed

Imagining the waves on stormy nights
carving their images on smooth rocks and ....

....pounding down to create seams and crevices

Thank you to Diane and Harold who gifted me this time
thank you to the golden who sat by my side and wanted so much to be petted.

Thank you to so many of you who loved the Rusty Pups
You raised us up with your beautiful words of sympathy.
And thank you Miranda for your beautiful rusty gifts
I will indeed wear them and think of my pups.

Friday, 14 September 2018

And Now a Farewell to Rusty Pup Kayla

Our beautiful Rusty Pup Kayla
passed away surrounded by love on Thursday afternoon at 5:30.
On Wednesday we received the devastating news that her kidneys
had shut down and she only had days to live.
She has left us just four days after her sister, Shandy.
We are devastated.

Born on Halloween
we picked up our babies on Christmas Eve eleven years ago.
They were inseparable from the start.

 They were both water babies....

....especially Kayla.

Kayla was always under foot checking out what I was up to.
I soon learnt to shut the studio door to avoid chewed up threads.

There once was a ball of pearl cotton that disappeared for a whole winter.
The next spring I stumbled upon it way back in the woods
stretched like a spiders web around trees and shrubs.
An aspiring weaver perhaps.

 Kayla was a gentle and patient soul.

Like her sister, Kayla was delighted when the beaver moved into our pond.

One morning on the dyke she met a whole family of beavers
and watched them intently.

Always interested in everything.

Being taunted by the local squirrel population.

Kayla loved scratching her back
and getting belly rubs from us humans.
We did that a lot on Thursday afternoon.

Doggy toys used to last about five minutes when Kayla got involved.

 She was such a beautiful princess.

Kayla always looked out for her sister.
They were never far apart.

We all belonged together
and walked this beautiful valley for eleven years.

Oh, my precious pups
you brought us so much joy and love.
Our hearts are broken.
You will be so missed.
God bless.