Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Frayed and Frazzled Edges

Thin ice was forming around the edges
to our surprise it was strong enough to hold this furry creature.
Handy Hubby and I thought this was a beaver....

....but on closer inspection we found it was a muskrat.

Had to include this one
love the two exclamation marks
made by....I dunno!

Must be a squirrel

frayed soft greys and browns

pinned to the design wall

waiting to be embellished with stitch.
Trouble is the design wall has layers and layers of beginnings
waiting for the next stage.
I suppose that is a good thing.
Lots of work ahead of me.

A here is some of my driftwood that I think
hanging around waiting to be used for the
daily stitching idea I have for next year.

Obviously I need more hours in the day
So many ideas
So many plans
Not enough hours in the day.

Hope your hands are busy too.

Monday, 3 December 2018

Five - The Artist Way Collective Show....Plus

We hung our show in the Chapel Gallery
(Annapolis Royal Community Art Centre)
That was a week ago.

There are five of us
Two painters
Three fibre artists

Nadine and her painting on left taking a break
with Diane and her stitchings.

Diane's work

Handy Hubby(not one of the five! But very handy)
and Sherry, Diane and Nadine
taking another break!
Grace had to leave early.

Diane's piece
(Handy Hubby's favourite)

Grace's five buddhas.

Detail of my Stone Pathways.

Stone Pathways alongside
Sherry's paintings.

Apologies for the quality of these photos.
I find that hanging shows makes for a tiring day!
The show will be up until December 20th
along with the ARCAC members show

I have another piece in that show too.

Resting Between Night and Day

as does Nadine Belliveau

and Susan Tooke's
Chaos Theory

Sophie Paskins 
Love this piece!
Well, actually love all of these.

Donna Boyko's
Claws, Fish, and Flower Buds

Wayne Boucher's
Gone with the Wind

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Around the Beaver Pond

When the cold came
Little islands of ice
started forming on the beaver pond.

Beaver sticks jutting up from the pond
the ice islands
and then the reflections in the water.
There is stitching inspiration here.

On my walk that morning I noticed
a new beaver highway.
It drops down into wateriness
and they obviously just slid down it.
A toboggan run!

 Above the toboggan run
was a mass of beaver footprints
They had been busy the night before.

And, yes, then I noticed all the chewed up alder
beside the path I was walking.
They did all that in one night.
They really have earned that expression
"as busy as a beaver'.

Out in the open on the driveway
rabbits hopped along beside a line of beaver prints.

Another beaver path going down to a burrow
that goes into the beaver pond.
You can see how worn it is.

Beaver footprints next to mine.
Big aren't they!

 A piece I called Beaver Moon.
 I am having so many beaver experiences this year
I think I should stitch a beaver series.

And just a few dots I am enjoying stitching at the moment.
I really need quiet for stitching.
Alone time.
Lately I have been busy like a beaver.
Hanging shows and going to openings.
Times like that I can't settle into stitch.
Too much left brain activity going on!

May you find time to quietly stitch today.

Monday, 26 November 2018

Mother Nature Deconstruction, Manmade and Woman-made

We lost two more trees
The winds have been wild

Tree hugging after the violence

So now we have three trees that look like this
Since then Winter has arrived
so those trees will be under the snow
until Spring allows us to move them.

This tree had carpenter ants and mice living in it.

We have been a construction site for a month.
The guys who installed our solar panels left a sea of mud behind.
We had to get someone else in to redo the drive!
Gee whizz.

Meanwhile at the other end of the driveway
all our culverts have been replaced
and the road resurfaced and widened for cyclists.

Handy Hubby had a whale of a time
marvelling at all the equipment and activity.

Sometimes I got caught on the wrong side of the road!

I can't show you what I've been working on for the last two weeks.
I am in Christmas mode!
But, since we've lost trees I thought I would show pictures
of some of my own tree inspired stitches.
This one being a detail of Woodpeckers Lived Here.

And from The Edge of the Woods.

And from A Stream Runs Through it.

I hope Winter warms up a bit.
It's only November for goodness sake!

Monday, 12 November 2018

Stitched in the Faded Greens of Fall

I returned to a piece once thought finished

Adding more stitches

Layering Textures.

Walking past feathery elephant grass
I realized how the greens around the marshlands
matched the greens I had been stitching that day.

 Walking around water's edge I noticed
Canada Geese still up here way past their fly south date.

 As I passed by
some ducks scooted away so fast they left a trail behind.

and some just drifted away.

Some carried on eating with bums in the air!

Surprisingly some just snoozed the afternoon away
resting before a long flight south.

After the wind and rain we have had this week
I wish I could hitch a ride with them!