Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Inspiration Under My Feet

Just being at the beach is renewing
for the mind and the body.
But the worm pathways caught my eye on this trip.
I am really drawn to the chaos the worms have created
contrasted by
the regular diagonal lines created by waves and tides
the random diagonal line of tiny pebbles stretching towards
the top left hand corner.

I see couched chaos
atop a grid of simple diagonal running stitch
or perhaps stem stitch or back stitch.

I have gathered together in my baskets
so natural dyed threads that could be couched
onto a piece of linen or wool.
or perhaps
the basket of bright procion dyes would would be more fun.
But I am still thinking natural.

These guys are always inspiring companions
but.... it is the very straight line of footprints
going off into the distance.
Three of them
Just one line of footprints.

A walk in the woods
always provides some inspiration

Just walking along
looking at my feet
to avoid tripping over roots or stones.
Perhaps more couching
or some other
fabric manipulation.

Perhaps dots could be added
along a seam-line 
to add emphasis.
I like that thought
to remember those thoughts
I have to record them here
or they will go poof into the vacuum of space
never to materialize!


  1. Yes, a blog makes a good "ideas notebook". And there are all sorts of possibilities here. Looking forward to seeing them develop!

  2. aaaahhello to the 3 puppies ( men stay that forever I believe)

  3. I love these marks in the making. Oops, does that make sense?

  4. We should all spend more time looking at our feet when we're out walking. Just think of the treasures we miss seeing when we don't pay attention.

  5. Love these ideas and observations. Will follow with interest!

  6. it's amazing how one's eye picks out pattern for stitching or quilt making, when out and about. Great idea to record your findings.

  7. Mother Nature. I have questions about the worms and their paths....I will google it. It is very intriguing.

  8. Wonderful post, Penny! It is so refreshing to see that you observe all of nature's tiny details. So many people walk by and miss it all!

  9. aaaahhello to the 3 puppies ( men stay that forever I believe)



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