Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Marking Stone Pathways

This beautiful stone could perhaps
be mistaken for a soapstone carving

The marks on stones
are beginning to make me think
I should perhaps take them further
next year.

Perhaps I should isolate them
from their stone surroundings.....

.....remove them from their size restrictions..... around with them in sketchbooks.....

.....and explore their potential..... stand alone marks.

Meanwhile the weather this August
has been exceptional.....

.....around our beautiful Annapolis Basin.

Have a great day
go to the beach!

Monday, 14 August 2017

Untamed Things Group of Canadian Landscape Artists


 Those of you in Ontario will have seen the Toronto Start article

Mark and a bunch of his Canadian landscape friends
who are all fans of Tom Thomson
have formed the group
Untamed Things
(Words taken from the To Thomson Memorial Plaque)

They have made trips up into Algonquin Park
over the past year.
They are all producing great work
getting ready for their show at Arta Gallery
September 6-19

Mark Berens
Wapomeo Island
where they brought Tom Thomson after he drowned

Mark Berens
Canoe Lake
On the climb up to the Tom Thomson tribute plaque
where he often worked

Mark Berens
Canoe Lake with Wapomeo Island in the distance

Mark Berens
Kiosk Lake

The opening reception is Friday, September 8
6 - 9 pm
Go and join this nice bunch of artists if you can
and tell Mark his Mom sent you!

Wish I could be there

Good luck guys.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Running Late Along Stone Pathways

Stone Pathways was hanging in the studio
wrong side out
Caught my eye
Liked it
Decided I had to record it.

Just a few marks on a big heavy stone.
Knowing that the background squares
are roughly 5"x6"
you can judge the size of the stones.

A teeny weeny speck of a pebble.

Nature always does a better job at mark making than I.

This is a large heavy stone
and I like that a delicate sheer silk chiffon
is what I chose.
It will look fragile despite it's size
lying alongside it's companions.

A little bit of madder red.
(I am dyeing with madder this week)

 Small and simple.

My studio is my place of peace
My place for calm thought
My safe place to take the next exploratory steps
The place where I can look out at the woodland world that surrounds me

Have a creative studio day.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Inspiration Under My Feet

Just being at the beach is renewing
for the mind and the body.
But the worm pathways caught my eye on this trip.
I am really drawn to the chaos the worms have created
contrasted by
the regular diagonal lines created by waves and tides
the random diagonal line of tiny pebbles stretching towards
the top left hand corner.

I see couched chaos
atop a grid of simple diagonal running stitch
or perhaps stem stitch or back stitch.

I have gathered together in my baskets
so natural dyed threads that could be couched
onto a piece of linen or wool.
or perhaps
the basket of bright procion dyes would would be more fun.
But I am still thinking natural.

These guys are always inspiring companions
but.... it is the very straight line of footprints
going off into the distance.
Three of them
Just one line of footprints.

A walk in the woods
always provides some inspiration

Just walking along
looking at my feet
to avoid tripping over roots or stones.
Perhaps more couching
or some other
fabric manipulation.

Perhaps dots could be added
along a seam-line 
to add emphasis.
I like that thought
to remember those thoughts
I have to record them here
or they will go poof into the vacuum of space
never to materialize!