Monday, 5 June 2017

Seven Plain Stones Plus One

This past week found me retreating
like a snail or a turtle from the world.
Retreating not only to look backwards and mull over my feelings
about the five larger stoney pieces just completed....
(I will post their stories soon)

....but also to clear my mind and studio for new work.
Always an exciting but calm time of reflection.
A time to make sure I have a clear idea of
what I want to say
and how I want to accomplish that. 

"First comes thought; then organization of that thought, 
into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. 
The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination."
 Napoleon Hill

Sometimes what one sees is crystal clear
but becomes fuzzy when reproduced!

At the moment ideas
are coming fast and furious
like a bombardment.

I have to remember they can be fleeting!

In order to coax those ideas into clarity
I need to have my notebook handy at all times.
At a time like this I like to keep away from the computer as much as possible
because everything on the web is so seductive
and so easily muddies the clarity of one's voice.
I get tempted here there and everywhere!

Found this tiny little pebble among my mementoes.
In the sixties I painted stones
now I stitch them.

I hope 
Summer has arrived where you are
because she is certainly taking her time to get here!


  1. Pouring with rain here, so I guess we can say the British Summer is truly here!

  2. Ideas coming fast and furious ... I can relate! And I'd probably have time to bring more of them to life if I had your strength of will to put aside access to the computer.

  3. I dearly love this post!! I go through this more often than I probably should - perhaps I have a bit of the 'fly by night' in me *smile*. Each time I 'move on' results in days of daydreaming, plans and imagination -- except for the day dreaming, the rest of it is hard!

  4. the rock with barely there lines and your depiction are stone'in me.

    i also love making up new words....

    the local weather people call this month, jun-uary.

  5. I'm in the note taking, sketching laying out part of new work...a slow dance.
    Second rock is so beautiful...stitching perfect!

  6. I can sense the underlying excitement so I know whatever you're incubating in your brain is bound to be interesting! As a side note, I was reading somewhere just today about people leaving painted stones in places for people to find - somewhat reminiscent of geocaching. Odd that you should show that very thing, albeit in a slightly different context.

  7. waue, amazing good. very interesting and inspirering


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