Monday, 30 June 2014

Time Stitched

I do believe Summer tried to burst forth by the end of the week
Though I am still wearing a jacket on my early morning walk.

We went to friends for a delicious curry dinner
and good conversation.
That beige pile of stitching is supposed to be poppadoms!

Flowing whites and blues for our foggy beach visit.
Next morning on the dike
Rusty Pups and I spied an eagle fishing for breakfast
then we went home and attacked our garden weeds.
Still more attacking to do!

A day of rain
A day of stitch

A Heron flew right over my head on the dike
I felt if I stood on tippy toes I might touch him.
Later that day lots of us got together for a party
celebrating the life of a friend.

Our morning walk sometimes takes longer
today it was because of dolphins.
Wish I could have seen through the water
for they were obviously being very clever
corralling a school of fish.


  1. Such lovely stitching, sounds like a great week.

  2. Wonderful way to commemorate another beautiful week in your life.

  3. Love the heron - I'm sure he'd be pleased with your portrait of him!

  4. So so expressive ... waves, rain and heron ... wow!

  5. What an interesting week. Dolphins are so smart.


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