Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Scratched Travels First Week

Travelling and teaching

Before I left
I spied the osprey nesting on the causeway
and often saw
an eagle flying close by

I arrived in Ottawa
where the lovely Doreen and Marie picked me up
and showed me Ottawa's beautiful tulip gardens.
We drove through Smiths Falls
where we could not resist a stop for silk threads and tops.
That evening my slide show and talk
was done from my ipad for the very first time
...only one or two glitches!
Then Bethany, and Peta and I had dinner.
Oh, I forgot to stitch the incident of the suitcase that wouldn't open
.....Thank you Linda for saving the day!

So much activity in the next few days
Two days of sharing my approach to design.
My hosts were the adorable puppy Liesl,
handsome ginger cat Rupert and shy Small Cat.
There were of course humans in the house too!
Thank you so much for your hospitality Peta and Gauvin.
I so enjoyed my time with you.
Every morning cormorants streamed past as they left
their roost for feeding spots among the islands.
There was a trip with Bethany to see up close the wind turbines of Wolf Island.
Then a special day's outing with Hilary and Patrick to the Thousand Islands.

 I have to mention the delicious morel mushrooms
that Gauvin prepared on my last evening there.
Bur before I left some of us spent two days
making beautiful discharged marks on fabric.
It was such a fun week with inspiring people.
Bethany who runs Fibreworks is simply the best.
She is an organizer extraordinaire
and a great supporter of all textile arts.
Before Bethany could get rid of me
she generously drove me and Hilary
to Peterborough
where we saw Dorothy Caldwell's show
Such a thrill for me
Everyone should go!

So many treasures fitted into a week.


  1. Love the scratched eagle - just enough to bring him to life!

  2. Welcome home! I'm so glad that you had such a wonderfully full and creative time away. As always love your 'scratchings' diary.

  3. Much love to you, Penny... you have made another 34 new friends here, not counting the many who attended your delicious journey through your artful life and stories about life in Granville Ferry at the Lecture evening...
    We were so very blessed to have you with us and to have gleaned all of the knowledge, shared skills and design tips you brought to each of us along the way. This is one FW workshop week we will cherish for years to come....
    Rest now and hug the rusty pups and DH. Enjoy your summer!!!
    Congrats on the collection of your stunning pieces at Group of Seven Exhibition... the lucky art collectors will surely have stories to tell!
    And your gift of handsome Geese are happily making friends on the collection wall in our LR... very special to us.
    Huggs and so many, many thanks from Kingston!!

  4. Wonderful time and wonderful stitches ... love the cormorants in flight!

  5. As always such fun to see your interpretation of the things you see/do in your stitching. Enjoyed watching the film of the exhibition in Peterborough...too bad we couldn't have met because I live not too far away.


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