Monday, 16 June 2014

Scratched Tracks

A week that started off quiet
built into a crescendo of activity
and ended up quietly rhythmic again.

Drove to the South Shore
To Chester Basin
where I a group of us gathered to learn about paper
Japanese paper
Then on to One Sky Now
a lovely organic farm
full of rescued animals.

Whilst staying with Chris
we mixed colours
not very scientifically
but we learnt a lot.

Then we joined other humans plus a golden
for a lovely beach-combing walk

Friday meant driving even further from home
to a FAB meeting
where I tried to catch up with some stitching but
couldn't resist Karen demoed fabric weaving.
After leaving all the fabulous ladies
it was time to make tracks back to the valley
and home.
That night I slept 12 hours!
Must be some kind of record.
Now I'm getting back into the rhythm of home.

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